Toledo, OH - 10 yr old attacked by Pit Bull

August 12, 2010 - a 10 year old boy was attacked by a loose pit bull.

A mother and her children were minding their own business and getting into their car. Somehow, a loose pit bull (with a chain still attached to him) ran up to them and jumped into the car and attacked. The boy jumped out of the other side of the car and was chased around the yard by the pit bull. Another woman was bitten when she tried to help.

Neighbors (Pam Oberdier and Joe Custer, Jr.) witnessed the attack. Joe participated with another neighbor to subdue the crazy mutt. Here is what Pam said:

This is another story that's going to give pit bulls a bad name. It's the dog, it's not the breed," says Oberdier.

Here's what Joe said:

Joe Custer says "It was the owner's fault for not being responsible."

Hmmm... They were awfully quick to defend a pit bull that just went crazy and attacked a 10 year old boy, weren't they? Let's see why:

Meet Pam and Joe HERE

Obvious Pit Nutters. BTW - is that food and grease on the wall and stove?

No word yet on the idiots who owned the pit bull that attacked.

Reference article is HERE

Thank you Craven Desires for contributing!


cravendesires said...

the mental image of a loose rampaging pit still attached to its chain is horrifying. i hope jennifer lynch captured it in the compound.

these people are predictable. i live in a neighborhood where the people who defend pit bulls either have pit bulls or some kind of vicious junk yard dog mix like a chow/pit or a chow/shepherd that has a documented history of menacing or attacking.

i'm living the dream!

Anonymous said...

My spidey sense was tingling when they started reflexively parroting the talking points...Pit crackers!

CKing said...

Why is he handling the animal he just subdued a giant rat? (rous)
It looks like he's actually got a fist full of flesh in his hand.

Looks like a responsible dog owner with his well-trained pit/rous thing.

An ambassador for "responsible dog owner" and for the "breed!"

Nice digging!

Anonymous said...

He's holding it's head down like a venomous snake...

Seriously, the animal in this attack busted it's chain and made a beeline for the nearest living thing to start mauling it.

A dog like this cannot exist unless it is in a zoo!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how people took comments out of context & twisted them to mean what they wanted & also used an unrelated picture that they had no permission to use to turn a good deed into a bad thing! Joe pulled the dog off of that little boy & held it until the police & dog warden arrived and neither of us were defending a dog that attacked a child. Clearly any dog of any breed can be vicious........get your facts straight before dogging someone when you have no clue what you're talking about!!!

dawn james said...

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