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"So if you are trying to create


in a  fighting breed, 

it's not going to happen.

 They would rather die than surrender."

-Cesar Milan

Innocence Lost to pit bulls

My sincere condolences to Jeff and Kim Borchardt on the loss of their son, Dax.

I hear so many stories every other day of pit bulls that were raised right - in a loving and disciplined home - killing or maiming an innocent soul.

But there is an argument from any pit bull owner every time this happens.  As illogical as it is.  As utterly lame as it is.  They blame the victim, or, some "unknown" reason for the dog to literally rip the muscles and flesh from a child's scalp, legs and torso.  "Must have been pheromones, must have been teasing the dog, must have slipped and fell suddenly, must have fallen off of a ladder...... and the list goes on.  They then resort to threats of bodily harm, rape and finally death if you will not agree with them that the pit bull type dog is NEVER at fault.  NEVER.  It's "all in how you raise them".  I beg to differ.  Almost all of the documented deaths and maulings caused by pit bull type dogs, were from dogs that were raised in loving homes just the same (or better) than the common Labrador or Beagle.

It is sad really.  Sad.

I believe that there quite a few pit bull owners/lovers out there have good intentions with these types of dogs.  I believe that there are quite a few that do not have good intentions when it comes to these types of dogs.  However, I do believe that with the number of rescues, focus groups, and fanatics, that a lot of pit bull owners WANT to prove that this breed/type of dog is harmless and will "lick you to death".

They are failing miserably.

Here's what I think:  I think that the over-the-top excuses, threats of bodily harm, threats of rape, and finally death threats, are the simple product of their (the pit bull lover/owner) realization that this could REALLY happen to them.  It's a flash in their mind of their dog ripping apart their loved one, their child, their spouse or their neighbor.  They see it.  They see the teeth gripping the flesh.  They see the blood starting to pour.  They hear the screams and see the terror in the eyes of the victim.  They then see the flesh tearing, and the muscles and tendons exposed.  They see the exposed bone.  And they know it could be their dog inflicting this damage and they WISH it was just a Lab because they could stop it with a slug to the head.  But it isn't a Lab, or any other type of dog.  Therefore, they must resort to any-possible-belief in order to suppress the very good possibility that their dog could rip their scalp off, render their extremities to bone, and summon death upon them, their child, or the local mail carrier.

That is how pit bull owners/lovers deal with pit bulls.  It's not a river in Egypt.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Borchardt family as they mourn the loss of their precious son Dax.  I am so sorry for your loss, and also for the lack of decency and respect that you have been subjected to.

NEVER Trust Your Pet Pit Bulls.....

Never trust your pit bull pets not to fight.  

What horrifies me most about this, (besides seeing this woman bend over) is the trauma that these poor children are witnessing.  
So much so, that the child called 911. 

I hope for the sake of their children that the very responsible owners euthanized these animals.
(I'm thinking glass half full here, which I rarely do) 

See video here:

Loose pit bull - Here is what happens......

Cape Coral family members are not hiding their feelings about an off-duty Lee County Corrections officer who shot and killed their pit bull named Sassy.

The corrections officer told investigators the dog came at him in an aggressive manner before he pulled out his agency issued gun and shot her.
Sassy's owner, Carissa Correia, admits the dog wasn't on a leash; but she says Sassy didn't deserve to die.
She says she doesn't understand why the off-duty corrections officer opened fire – saying he walked away without a scratch on him.
"She was the most loving sweet dog anyone can imagine. Just because she's a pit doesn't mean you have a right to shoot her," she said. "He shot her twice in the throat and side of the neck."

You might be a pit bull owner if....

(Full Credit to Douglas Wolfe)..........

You Might Be A Pit Bull Owner If…

•You have use logging chains to keep the dog from getting loose.

•You have to fix broken windows the dog has jumped through.

•You have to lock up your dog when ever anyone knocks on your door.

•You have to hide your dog to keep the police or animal control from taking it after it attacks someone.

•You have to lie about the type of dog you have.

•You try to use a single instance of a dog in a show to try to back up the lie that your dog is safe.

•You have to defend your type of dog all the time because of all the attacks, injuries and harm they cause every day.

•You attack the innocent victims after your dog attacks to try to shift the blame off you or your dog.

•You compare the grievous injuries your dog causes to a Chihuahua bite in a desperate attempt to defend your mauler.

•you practice crate and rotate

•your Chihuahua is vicious

Canine Loyalty

The Lab is arguably the most loyal breed in history, so it seems fitting that they chose a chocolate lab for this commercial.  

A good, solid, loyal, family dog.........(wonder why they didn't choose a pit bull?)

Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls....

Tucson, AZ - On Saturday October 27, two grassroots activists from Tucson will host a first ever event of its kind in the country: A walk to raise awareness of victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs. Activists Melissa Baze and Matthew Pimple created the event to honor these local victims, who like in many U.S. cities are part of an ever-rotating new dog attack headline on the evening news. The pioneering event will be held at a Lincoln Park. Admission is free.

Labrador Awarness Day (NLAD)

National Labrador Awareness Day (NLAD) is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about Labradors and their responsible owners. NLAD was established to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which we and our dogs live, and it is an initiative dedicated to restoring the image of the Labrador Retriever.

Despite the overall positive reception, we initially received criticism from some for using the generic term "lab" in naming the nationwide effort, however, the term was chosen deliberately, and is used for a very obvious reason. "Lab" is the name most familiar to the public, and the term that evokes a negative connotation of a particular grouping of dogs. The objective of NLAD is, of course, to change that negative image.

An homage...

I wish I had the time and ability to do this, so I am throwing it out there to those who may:  

I'd like to see a graph/detail that shows people that were killed or severely mauled by a dog because they: 

Had a seizure
Slipped on ice
Fell off a ladder
Made direct eye contact with a dog
Put their face too close to a dog
Were walking/jogging down the sidewalk
Were in their own yard, minding their own business
Yelled at the dog
Threw a rock at the dog
Beat/abused the dog (I am betting ZERO on this one)

Please feel free to add any other random reasons why your dog would kill you.  

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